FAQ – Questions answered

Get-Flashed supply an open concept photo booth. What exactly does that mean?

An open concept photo booth is where you and your guests will be taking photos in the open, instead of entering inside a fabric enclosure. You will face our kiosk that features an interactive touch screen.



How does the booth work?

You push the button on the screen to start the process and the booth takes a series of four photos, approx 5 seconds apart. Each time a picture is taken it is displayed onto the viewing screen, at the end of the process the four pictures are displayed on the screen. You will have the option of emailing this at that time or them leaving a message


How can I personalise the pictures?

Colourful Background

The backdrop of the photos is a location of your choice at your venue. We recommend using a flat neutral coloured wall for the best results but there’s nothing stopping you from getting creative. You know what theme you want for your event and with a little thought and something as simple as paper, balloons or even some recycled stuff can become a great backdrop to your pictures.


How many people can fit into the booth?

Lots of people in the picture

Our portable standard Photobooth has been developed to service the need for an ultra-compact, photobooth. Our photo booths can operate just about anywhere and can be powered by a standard 3-pin electrical outlet. The total recommended floor area required for setup and operation of our portable Photo Booth is approximately 3m x 2.5m.

Other provider’s standard photo booths are designed to fit 4 to 6 people in the standard photo booth configuration. We can vary the size of the booth to fit 15 – 20 people if needed. If your guests are willing to squeeze together, many more can fit in the photo.  The possibilities are endless and it’s really up to you how squishy you like it.


Social Media

Lots of Social Media Options

The reason that our pricing is so competitive is that we do not supply hard copies of the images. Our photo booths are fully integrated with Social Media where we will share your photos via a wide variety of social media options, Facebook & Pinterest are all supported.


Can I get more copies of the pictures?

All photos are stored and backed-up on our hard drive, we’ll even post you a free copy of all the photo strips and individual photos on USB Memory Stick for you to enjoy after the event. 


Where will you deliver to?

There is no charge for delivery within 40 KM of the Auckland City centre.  Outside of these areas, there is a charge of 50 cents per kilometre, please contact us for a travel quote.


How do we get the booth to our event?

We bring the photo booth to you, set it up and remove it after the event and optionally supply an operator that looks after the photo booth and your 1guests for the duration of the hire.


How long can I hire the booth?

As long as you require, minimum of 2 hours.


Payments – Cancellations – Refunds

A non-refundable deposit of $100.00  will confirm your booking, payment in full required is required one week prior to the event.

Please ensure of your photo booth booking as we have a requirement of receiving 7 days notice  to cancel,

  • If less than 7 days notice is supplied any & all amounts paid  will be used to recover lost monies due to the inability to rehire the equipment